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Our Practice

We are a mobile lab concierge service that comes to your personal home or business when needed.  Regular labs as well as specialty labs can be collected in the privacy of your own home.  If you can't make it to the lab for your blood draw we will come to you.  If you just want a calmer atmosphere for your active, autistic, or disabled child we specialize in that too.  We also specialize in dementia and combative parents or private clients in care homes.  

  We also do new hire drug screens for employment.  We are experienced and licensed to perform DOT drug screens/NON DOT  drug screens as well.  There are also random drug screenings at employers request. 

We also provide wellness/biometric screenings for your company and employees.  Nothing says you care about your employees more than having a mobile blood collection and biometric screening done at work on site during the work day.  Let us help you implement a yearly wellness strategy for your company..  Let us be your mobile concierge phlebotomy service, drug screener, and mobile laboratory liaison.

Our Phlebotomists
Moneisha White, PBT III, ASCP,NHA

I'm the CEO of White labs.  I have over Twenty-six  years of experience in the healthcare setting.  My specialties are pediatrics, adolescents, geriatrics, and geriatric, and psychiatric patients.  Whether in a home setting, nursing facility, or at your business, I will get the job done.

I'm very experienced and efficient in collecting blood from my clients with the best tools available. 

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