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What Is A Phlebotomist?

Phlebotomists are specialized trained individuals that draw venous blood from patients that are in a hospital, outpatient, or research setting. Phlebotomists are known for bloodletting, bleeding, sanguisage, venesection, colposcopy, lancing, leeching, drainage and draining. Blood collected by the phlebotomist are used to learn more about a patients condition and how their physician will treat them individually.

Phlebotomist drawing a patient

These conditions can range from electrolytes, heart conditions, coagulation, genetics, and/or research of bacteria in the blood and body. Phlebotomists are the face of the laboratory. Most patients never get to meet any of the Medical Technologists that actually perform the tests on their blood, but the phlebotomists are able to explain the tests that are being collected for them and give great customer service by keeping them calm throughout the process.

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